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The Cuban culinary associations want to declare their national cuisine as a national intangible cultural heritage

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Cuba, 31st October 2018

During the 5th convention of the culinary associations of Cuba (FACRC), Eddy Fernández Monte, FACRC’s president, explained their will to register the Cuban cuisine as a national intangible cultural heritage.

According to Fernández Monte, Cuba’s long-lasting gastronomic tradition justifies the association’s endeavor to register the Cuban cuisine as a national heritage. This recognition will also help to preserve their gastronomic knowledge for future generations.

At the meeting, which was attended by 104 delegates, it encouraged the creation of a chef university career and the need to unify the validity of diplomas issued by different types of centers.

The deputy minister of tourism, Luis Manuel Díaz, explained the chefs’ training and qualification program planned until the year 2022. Due to the current diversity of culinary schools programs, this new plan aims to unify their culinary curriculum and potential their national cuisine.

For full article please refer to this link (Spanish version). 


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