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International Chefs Day 2015 – Penang, Malaysia

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Malaysia, 26th October 2015

Organized by Penang Junior Chefs Club (PJCC) and supported by Penang Chefs Association (PCA) and Penang Elite Chefs Club (PECC) together with about 150 chefs and volunteers from all over Penang, the International Chefs Day 2015 was again a huge success with support and sponsorship of food items, equipment, utensils, logistics and most of all given us their valuable time.

Held at the Penang Municipal Park on Saturday, 17th October 2015, we were joined by kids represented by several orphanages and nursery/schools including SJK (C) Hun Bin, SJK (C) Moh Ghee, Shan Orphanage Home, EDEN Handicap Centre and Peng Hwa Kindergarten

“Healthy Kids- Healthy Future” is the campaign message. The intention for this year is to engage with a local school, nursery school or kindergarten in our community and to have fun with young children, while teaching them about healthy eating. Thanks to our partner “Nestlé Professional” and the assistance of the Penang Chefs Association committee, we have created healthy breakfast with lots of fun activities and games to keep all our young guest amused and entertained.

The event started with an aerobic exercise followed by breakfast serving the following:

  •            Breakfast Egg Omelette – Giatmara Permatang Pauh
  •            Assorted Cereals, Nestum & Full Cream Milk – Nestle Professional
  •            Sauté Lyonnaise Potatoes – KDU College, Penang
  •            Assorted Cupcakes – Chef Eddie Choong Bake & Culinary Centre
  •            Vegetarian Mee Jawa – CAC Academy Sdn Bhd
  •            French Pasties – Bayview Georgetown Penang

The Penang Junior Chefs Club – PJCC from the Penang Chefs Association is humbled and pleased at the overwhelming respond for our Members, Associates and Friends for their enthusiasm and cooperation. With the support of the chefs’ community of Penang representing over 30 different organizations, colleges, a variety of suppliers/vendors, friends and supporters coming together and work as a team in bringing joy and sunshine on the faces of the children.

“If you are good at what have, you can contribute and impart your skills in educating the kids of our future. We the Chefs of Penang can make an impact on the community with our creativity, skills which goes beyond the pleasure on the plate.” said William Tan, Communication Manager for Penang Chefs Association.

We trust we made a small difference in their life and even it is only for ½ a day event, it makes us aware of our surroundings and we are much richer at our heart and soul.


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