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Have you got what it takes to join the Forever Oceans Global Culinary Board?

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10th January 2023

At Forever Oceans we are always looking for talent at the highest level to support our mission of providing nutritious, delicious, and sustainable fish to consumers around the globe through innovation. We have a culinary board of over 50 top chefs from across the United States that help with new product innovation, culinary inspiration, education, community relations, culinary leadership to sustainability, and conservation. 

Paul Dickinson, the first member of the Forever Oceans Global Culinary Board.

A new face joins our Culinary Board, and is the first member of the Forever Oceans Global Culinary Board. Based in the UK, Paul Dickinson worked for Fuller, Smith & Turner P.L.C. from 2017 to November 2022 as their Director of food.  Fuller’s operates 415 managed and tenanted operations. The managed estate is made up of 209 public houses and hotels of almost every conceivable style but with a common vision to consistently deliver distinctive, fresh food with outstanding service.

In November 2022 Paul started his own consultancy firm which concentrates on the hospitality industry across Europe, to provide the best in innovation, the highest quality of food, sustainably sourced, connecting the right skilled people to the best companies, to life and culinary coaching. At the same time acting as head coach to England’s culinary team which just won Gold and Silver in the 2022 Culinary World Cup held in Luxembourg, with the team’s focus now on the IKA/Culinary Olympics 2024.

Paul sets the standard for what we are looking for in chefs around the world to join our global culinary board team. If you have a similar background of talent and skill and would like to join this high-profile team please reach out to Mark Allison, Corporate Executive Chef at Forever Oceans at:

[email protected]

Here is information on Forever Oceans™ Kanpachi:

Species: Seriola rivoliana
Common names: Kanpachi, Longfin Yellowtail, Almaco Jack & Amberjack

  • Premium, sashimi grade product
  • Efficient growth due to warm water
  • Versatile menu offerings
  • Nutrient rich, high in Omega-3’s

Now more than ever, our planet needs new methods to produce food to feed an ever-growing world population. The way we’re currently raising livestock and poultry is unhealthy both for the animals and the environment. And overfishing is depleting the oceans’ resources, not to mention a great deal of neighboring sea life. A better way isn’t just important, it’s imperative. Now. That’s what drives us. We’ve done the research, perfected the science, and innovated the tech to feed our planet and preserve our oceans. We have the fish to prove it. And we’re just getting started. We completed our Environmental Footprint Assessment partnering with The Nature Conservancy, and the carbon footprint for Forever Oceans fish is estimated to be less than 1/14 of that for beef. The farm-gate footprint of Forever Oceans Kanpachi is estimated at less than 5 kg of carbon per kilogram of fish produced, which is less than global average emissions for farmed salmon, and is therefore a comparatively low emissions form of animal protein.

“Our work with Forever Oceans demonstrates the environmental advantages of offshore aquaculture systems. With the right intent and practices, these systems can contribute to building a low carbon food system and operate in harmony with ocean ecosystems,” -Robert Jones, Global Lead for The Nature Conservancy’s Aquaculture Program

Mark William Allison
Corporate Executive Chef 
Forever Oceans 


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