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Celebrating World Chocolate Day with Dilmah Tea & Lindt

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07th July 2021

This July, we invite you to celebrate World Chocolate Day by creating exceptional, personal experiences with a pairing as simple as… Chocolate and Tea!

Serve guests multiple dimensions of taste, texture and flavour when you pair Lindt Excellence Chocolate with Ceylon Tea from our Dilmah Watte Tea Selection.

Learn how to discern the best flavours for the palate with Tea Grower and Dilmah CEO, Dilhan C. Fernando in this video:

The Watte Series of Single Region Teas recognizes the individuality of every tea drinker. The range features a selection of distinctly different teas from the four premier tea growing regions of Ceylon, each possessing its own bouquet, mouthfeel and flavour.

Shop the Watte Range Here:


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