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Sustainability Around the World #13: Seaweed Revolution

Date: June 29, 2021
Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM CET UTC+02
Location: Global / Online Event

This episode of Sustainability Around the World features Vincent Doumeizel, a globally recognised pioneer and expert in macroalgae solutions that address hunger, global warming, pollution, poverty and many more.

12,000 years ago or so, human beings moved from prehistory to modern history when they stopped being hunters and gatherers to develop agriculture and livestock. Our history has been mostly fueled by land production and today we are still in the stone age when it comes to farming the oceans.

Seaweed and other algae hold an untapped potential to contribute to food systems. It is a nutritional source of food for humans, a feed for aquaculture and land animals, fertilizers for crops and innovative projects use seaweed extracts to replace single -use plastic as smart food packaging.

In just 30 minutes, we’ll walk you through how seaweed plays a globally significant role in addressing food security, climate change mitigation, and marine biodiversity, as well as contributing to several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that support sustainable job-creation, economic growth, and gender equality.

Join Chef Chris Koetke and Vincent Doumeizel to continue your journey towards a more secure food future and to learn how you can contribute by using the power of the white chef jacket.

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About the Guest

Vincent Doumeizel
Senior Advisor Ocean / United Nations Global Compact
Director Food Programme / Lloyd’s Register Foundation

With 20 years experience in the Food Industry, Vincent is now Senior Adviser at United Nations Global Compact on Oceans as well as director for the Food Programme for the Lloyd’s Register Foundation. Vincent leads the charitable objectives of the Foundation through the funding of innovative projects to support the food supply chain. Partnering with UN, FAO, The World Bank, WWF, Universities, NGO’s and large brands, Vincent led and released the Seaweed Manifesto” in a call to scale up the seaweed industry in order to address some of the world most important challenges (hunger, global warming, pollution, poverty etc..). Vincent is now co-leading the first international platform for Seaweed Stakeholders, the Safe Seaweed Coalition. He is also the lead food contact for UN Global Compact and as such actively supports the organisation of the UN Food System Summit this fall.

Sustainability Around the World is part of our Feed the Planet initiative, inspiring sus
tainable food consumption among communities and culinary professionals. Find out how you can get involved at

Founded by Worldchefs, Feed the Planet is run in partnership with Electrolux Food Foundation and AIESEC. This initiative counts on the support of the Electrolux Food Foundation. Learn more about the Foundation here.

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