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Emirates Salon Culinaire

Date: April 4, 2021 to April 8, 2021
Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM CET UTC+02
Location: United Arab Emirates / Onsite Event

An Overview of the Emirates Salon Culinaire 2021

4th April -8th April 2021

In the year of 2020 we were able to do the Emirates Salon Culniaire however after the Covid-19 pandemic we have only been able to conduct on line events. It is the Emirates Culinary Guilds intention to hold the world’s first Worldchefs’ endorsed Competition, across multiple venues, throughout the cities in the country in the 7 Emirates and live streamed and run alongside a virtual Exhibition, Expo Culinaire 2021.

Cook are creative, cooks need to adapt and cooks are the leaders of change and the cooks of the Emirates Culinary Guild are positive this competition will show the industry that cooks are ready to adapt to any change, not new normal but any change thrown at them.

The Emirates Culinary Guild is focused on kick starting the industry along with business leaders and supporters to ensure that the United Arab Emirates continues to rebound from this pandemic in line with the Presidents and Rulers visions for the country. The hospitality industry is one of the most important sectors of business and commerce in the Country and the Emirates Culinary Guild is committed to do its part in this success.

The Emirates Salon Culinaire (ESC) is a series of practical and display-based culinary competitions; entry to which is open to professional chefs, pastry chefs, cooks and bakers. This year the competitions are designed for entry by a single competitor. Each competition is called a class.

The ESC shall take place across venues in the UAE and alongside the virtual Expo Culinaire exhibition for Chefs, Bakers ,Pastry chefs and cooks and will once again be the home of the Emirates Salon Culinaire and is a fully endorsed competition from Worldchefs.,

Each class of the various competitions is intended to test the differing skills of entrants whilst also celebrating the preparation and presentation of food and its accoutrements in attractive and pleasing forms.

The practical cookery events test gastronomic and timing skills. Artistic and timing skills are required for the practical artistic events.

The exhibits at the salon act as a display for the UAE hospitality and food industry. They bring to the attention of the general public the service and food concepts and fashions currently prevalent within the region’s hotels and restaurants.

To the professional chefs competing, the salon presents an opportunity for them to test themselves against the bounds of their perceived abilities, and to demonstrate to the public, their colleagues and their seniors the scope of their artistic acumen and practical dexterity.

Through the media of competition and exposition, the salon serves to inspire and encourage young chefs to continue striving for ever upward improvement in their daily work practice.

There are few things more stimulating or heartening than to receive tribute from one’s respected peers and seniors. Accordingly the competitors at the salon are judged by a panel of international adjudicators, each one of whom is an approved international judge of the World Association of Chefs Societies and locally based adjudicators. (

Entrants to the various competitions do not compete directly against each other; rather, they strive to reach perfection in their art. Each of their creations is then judged by the panel according to its international merit. Emirati Cuisine is also highlighted during the competition.

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and certificates are awarded to those competitors whose exhibits, in the opinion of the judges, have reached the commensurate international standard. In addition to the medal awards, there are special trophies awarded to individuals who have attained excellence at the competition in their particular field: gastronomy; bakery/pastry; artistic.

To any member of the general public fortunate enough to observe it , the Emirates Salon Culinaire is a visual extravaganza of culinary showpieces and practical cookery demonstrations: exciting ice carvings; intricately decorated buffet platters; spectacular pastry and chocolate creations; picture- perfect, aspic-preserved, platters of all manner of edible delights: Wedding cakes; celebration cakes; works of genius in spun and blown sugar: in fact, a seemingly endless presentation of gastronomic masterpieces.

All this – coupled with three days of real-time, hectic, and thrilling cookery competitions – fought against the constraints of time, makes the salon a stimulating event that will become a major attraction at the Expo Culinaire exhibition for Chefs, Bakers ,Pastry chefs and cooks.

Emirates Culinary Guild is inviting all professional chefs to participate in the upcoming biggest culinary competition in the Middle East; The Emirates Salon Culinaire 2021.

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