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ACF NC state wide annual meeting in Winston-Salem

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United States, 23rd October 2013

The community event hosted 48 area children who participated in a variety of culinary nutrition learning challenges.


Station # 1, understanding fresh vegetables, creating healthy salads,

Station # 2 weighing carbohydrates by calculating sugar contents of food labels and measuring the equivalent in teaspoons of sugar; and comparing fat samples to popular foods

Station # 3 dipping fresh strawberries in chocolate as part of helping chefs to prepare for the evening’s reception

Station # 5 Five A Day The Color Way, choosing healthy fruits and vegetables by  repeating the mantra “Five A Day The Color Way”, talking with chefs of the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables

Station # 6 fresh fruit smoothies, children created a host of nutritious beverages using fresh fruit, yogurt, and skim milk. Each child received a Chef and Child Official Chef Hat and Apron, as well as A gold medal and chef signed Certificate, and a cutting board and hand outs supplied by our sponsor Lowes Foods



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