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49 Michelin stars, 200 chefs, 430 Figgjo plates

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Italy, 15th December 2015

This is the conclusion of a 6-month partnership between Figgjo and Identitá Golose, which occured during the world exhibition in Milan, which came to a close at the end of October.

Identitá Golose is an Italian international food concept, which was developed to promote Italian gastronomy and skilled chefs from around the world. When it became clear that Identitá Golose was going to deliver a restaurant concept to Expo Milano, they selected the porcelain from Figgjo.

The delivery of the porcelain was supplied in partnership with Caraiba, which has been Figgjo’s Italian distributor for years. Christina Franceschetti and Alessandro Guidi, Caraiba owners, claims that the partnership is proof that Figgjo is a highly relevant, trendsetting manufacturer of quality porcelain for the upper segment of the restaurant world.

– The long and good relationship with Italy’s foremost gastronomy environment has resulted in this fantastic opportunity – to be, together with Figgjo, the preferred supplier of porcelain to the restaurant Identitá Expo S. Pellegrino. This proves that Figgjo is a world-leader in the high-end market, in terms of quality and design, says Franceschetti and Guidi.

– Now thousands of visitors to the world exhibition have eaten food on Figgjo porcelain. Identità prefers young, skilled chefs, revere quality, and are skilled at looking forward to the future on behalf of their kitchen, says Vikeså, CEO at Figgjo AS.

Identità Golose’s elegant restaurant was two stories high, with space for over 100 guests. The interior was supplied by Cappellini, and was designed by several famous names. British Jasper Morrison designed the chairs; Danish Jacob Wagner designed the tables, as did the Italian A.G. Fronzoni, among others.

– Every week for the last 6 months, a new and renowned international chef has arrived and cooked food that was served on porcelain from Figgjo. Thus, this is also important work in order to make the products famous, says Vikeså.

According to Andrea Ribaldone, Head Chef at Restaurant Due Buoi, Figgjo Brem is both elegant and multi-functional, as it can be nicely used for various appetizers, soups and main dishes. Andrea Ribaldone is one of many who have been impressed by the elegant and versatile plate from Figgjo.

Over 26 weeks, world famous chefs such as Massimo Bottura, Ugo Alciati and Tony Mantuano, have conjured up exquisite cuisine on innovative plates from Figgjo.

Identità Golose collaborates with leading Italian chefs, arranges food conventions around the world, and publishes its own Italian restaurant guide that has received great recognition.



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