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Worldchefs Without Borders unites for Vanuatu

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Vanuatu, 23rd March 2015

“After all the developments that has taken place, all this has been wiped out. So it means that we will have to start anew again”
Baldwin Lonsdale, Vanuatu President

A powerful category of 5 has hit the pacific nation of Vanuatu on Friday, 6th Match 2015, demolishing villages on its path, Cyclone Pam strike that is worst to the tiny island nation in decades.

By far Cyclone struck on 13th March 2015

13 people are confirming dead in Vanuatu after that massive cyclone tore through the island. So far it has not completely assessed how severe of the damage of some hard hit area. Aids is in Vanuatu and transportation is most difficult on outer islands is reported extreme challenging, World Chefs Without Borders (WCWB) has Paul Wilson, Pacific Rim ambassador and Murray Dick – Oceania Continental Director has already done so much on emergency support and pooling resources there to help Vanuatu People. World Chefs without Borders (WCWB) would like to appeal to member of the World Association of Chefs Societies, Directors and Presidents to support the campaign to raise fund for good course.

You can channels you donation of New Zealand Chefs Association, scan your bank in slip or MoneyGram receipt to Chef Paul Wilson (WCWB main contact), Copy Chef Murray Dick, Chef Willment Leong on detail below.

Bank Account Name                                                 New Zealand Chefs Association

Account Number                                                        03-1506-0015925-00

Branch                                                                            Manukau City Mall

Swift                                                                             WPACNZ2W

Reference                                                                  VANUATU

 Another way of donating is by going directly on the Australian Culinary Association’s website by clicking here.

Paul Wilson                                                                   [email protected] (pacific Rim WCWB ambassador)

Murray Dick                                                                  [email protected] (Pacific Rim/ WACS Continental Director)

Willment Leong                                                           [email protected] (WCWB Chairman)

Starting out the global donation, World Chefs without Borders had donated 4000 USD from it Natural Disaster Fund together with 4 Chefs from India 1000 USD, Dr Chef Rick Stephen contributed NZD 525, Chef Otto Weibel NZD 225.00, Myanmar Chefs Association through Oliver Esser Soe Thet 1000 Euro and Chef Willment Leong NZD 560. The above fund will keep snow balling till we reach our goal. These fund collected will sent immediately through Red Cross from World Chefs without Borders (WCWB) or used by Chefs Association of Vanuatu to help build infrastructure, schools or whatever needed. This is the time we can help Vanuatu people in bring back their shattered lives. We thank you for the concerted efforts.


On behalf of World Chefs without Borders and prepare by KK Yau / WCWB PR Relation

26 March 2015                              

Willment Leong

Committee Chairman – World Chefs without Borders

Founder Chairman – Thailand Culinary Academy

Vice President – Thailand Chefs Association

Email – [email protected]

Mobile: +66817355800


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