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Worldchefs moves to Central Paris to accommodate growing team and expanding scope of culinary projects

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France, 22nd November 2017

PARIS, NOVEMBER 2018: Worldchefs is proud to announce that we have a new home! The Worldchefs main office has recently relocated to Central Paris, a veritable culinary hub.

The move accommodates a growing administrative team. Starting with Ragnar Fridriksson, Worldchefs Managing Director since 2009, in the past three years the dynamic group has expanded to include Andreea Mocanu, Worldchefs Administrator; Joachim Trival, IT/ Web Project Manager; Connie Lau, Senior Project Manager, and Andrea Petruzella, PR & Marketing Manager.

In addition, the team boasts John Clancy, Education Director, Jenny Tan & Charles Lim, Chief Editor and PR, and Tomas Bolli Hafthorsson, Creative Design Director in a part-time capacity. Gosia Kowalinska, the newest recruit, joins us as a volunteer until the end of the year when she is not at school completing her business degree. Next year she joins us as a full time internee taking on the role of a Communications Officer.

This group of specialists have been working hard alongside our Board of Directors, Committees, Special Advisors and of course all of our members and partners, to drive the increasingly diverse scope of Worldchefs projects, allowing us to become a voice of chefs worldwide and a global authority on food.

Worldchefs establishes impact through through leadership and action in the core areas of education, events & competition, and humanitarian & sustainability.

A few notable areas of recent growth:

Worldchefs Congress & Expo Malaysia, July 11 – 14, 2018 – For the first time we welcome two professional partners whose collaboration will help make this biennial hallmark event an even greater success – UBM will lead the Expo targeting world-class exhibitors; Artion once again supports the Congress; and we have recently welcomed a raft of new sponsors including Peppadew International, ScanBox and Kaluga Queen

Worldchefs Global Culinary Certification – The world’s first global culinary certification was relaunched a year ago to great success, enrolment has grown exponentially; the Culinary Trainer School in Ecuador recently joined the growing list of schools to graduate students with joint certification – other schools to follow soon; employers, recruiters and the media are taking great interest, and the certification has recognition through the FAB Award for Innovation and a case study in this year’s UK government-led Taylor report

International Chefs Day – Foods for Healthy Heroes blanketed the globe this year, teaching kids from Peru to Poland to Malaysia that healthy eating can be fun thanks to the passion of our global network of chefs and the support of our partner Nestle Professional

Feed the Planet – This initiative to inspire sustainable food consumption among communities and professionals, and to support people in need has reached new levels this year in conjunction with partners Electrolux and AIESEC. This month sees the first graduates – mostly out-of-work single mothers – of the culinary education curriculum program in Curitiba, Brazil; the programme gives students path to empowerment and employability thanks to the Worldchefs curriculum.

Electrolux Arts & Science seminars have continued to thrive in target regions across the globe.

Growth areas coming up in 2018 include the Worldchefs Academy; Global Sustainability Curriculum and Digital Judging expansion, ongoing world-class seminars such as the Pastry Judging Seminar in Germany in February, and of course presence at many top events like FHA Singapore.

The Worldchefs team looks forward to welcoming members, leaders, and partners in our new office. We can be found at15 Rue Tiquetonne, 75002, Paris, France. Please note that the Worldchefs telephone number has also changed to + 33 (0) 1 80 06 58 30. New details can also be found at



Andie Petruzella, PR & Marketing Manager

[email protected]


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