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Worldchefs is in mourning. President Su passed away

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China, 09th May 2018

Worldchefs is very sad to hear of the passing of President Su on Friday!

President Su did many wonderful things for China, CCA and the general hospitality industry in China.

President Su had opened China's arms & doors to the Culinary World

of Worldchefs


President Su had a vision for China and planted many seeds to watch them mature over the pass number of years that has led to International teams coming to China, China sending chefs to the Culinary Olympics,

Chefs from China on WorldChefs committees, one of the most successful ever APF held in China and the growth of the young chefs of China.


In mourning the passing of President Su we should be actually celebrating the life of this man and his achievements and the legacies he has left behind,

May you rest in Peace President Su


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