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Worldchefs Honorary Member Karl Ruppert Has Passed

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Austria, 30th December 2020

Worldchefs President Thomas Gugler, Board of Directors, and Members join the VKÖ (Austrian Chef Association), friends, and family to mourn the passing of our esteemed colleague, Chef Karl Ruppert.

  • President A.D. KM. Karl Ruppert ᵻ December 24th, 2020
  • President of the VKÖ from 1993-1998
  • Winner of the Golden Cross of Merit & Needle of the VKÖ
  • Honorary member of the Association of Austrian Chefs and the World Association of Chef Societies (Worldchefs)
  • Winner of the “Youth Exhibition 1962 Budapest”
  • Multiple international gold medalist as captain of the Austrian National Team

After a fulfilled life, former president Karl Ruppert has taken his seat at the table of the eternal feast. As a committed president and member of our professional association, he was an exemplary and valued representative of our profession and association, far beyond the borders of Austria. For his decades of meritorious association activity, he was awarded honorary membership of the Association of Austrian Chefs and the World Association of Chefs Societies.

His outstanding technical skills were undisputed among his professional colleagues. As head of the examination committee, he took master chef exams and countless young chefs the final apprenticeship exams for decades and guided them into and through professional life. He was given the highest recognition when he became captain of the Austrian national team and won several international victories.

His work as director of the culinary art exhibition in Vienna in 1992 confirms his reputation as an excellent specialist and chef. His presidency was marked by some progress within the Association of Austrian Chefs and he invested a lot of time in the youth and was primarily concerned with promoting Austrian cuisine. His death leaves a great void and affects us all. He will remain unforgettable to us through honorable memory.

Our condolences go to his family and friends.

In grateful memory:
The Board and the members of the Austrian Chef Association,
KM. Mike P. Pansi, President


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