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Worldchefs Enhances Culinary Education in China at the 7th National CateringVocational Education Forum in Chongqing

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China, 30th April 2024

Worldchefs Enhances Culinary Education in China at the 7th National CateringVocational Education Forum in Chongqing

Worldchefs proudly participated in the prestigious 7th National Catering Vocational Education Forum, held from April 23 to 25, 2024, in Chongqing, China. This event was part of the annual working meeting of the National Catering Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee and the Catering Education Working Committee of theChina Culinary Association (CCA). The forum gathered over 200 experts, including more than 100 heads of vocational schools from across the country, industry leaders, and policymakers to discuss advancements and innovations in culinary education.

Worldchefs was represented Continental Director for Asia, Willment Leong, and Assistant Vice President, KK Yau, who shared insights into Worldchefs’ global educational programs and the impact of international certification standards on culinary training.

Mr Willmen Leong, The President of Worldchefs Asia Continental Director (middle)

During the forum, Worldchefs highlighted its educational pillars – Competition, Feed the Planet, Networking, and Education – which are designed to support the holistic development of culinary education globally. These pillars have been instrumental in helping educational institutions around the world achieve excellence and recognition. The event also served as a platform for Worldchefs to present its international culinary education certification project, which helps culinary institutions meet international standards and enhances their global brand presence. The certification criteria focus on quality, sustainability, and innovation, aligning with the needs of the modern culinary industry.

Mr. KK Yau, the Vice President of Worldchefs Asia Continental was giving presentation at 7th National Catering Vocational Education Forum

“The enthusiastic reception we received at the forum has been overwhelming,” said Willment Leong.”There is a clear demand for enhanced culinary education in China, and through Worldchefs’ certification and educational programs, we can support these institutions in achieving world-class standards.”

KK Yau added, “Our participation here marks a significant step towards integrating Worldchefs’ standards into Chinese culinary education. We are excited about the future and the potential for these schools to join our global network, which will open up numerous opportunities for their students and faculty.”

The forum concluded with a commitment from both Worldchefs and the CCA to foster ongoing collaboration, aimed at elevating the standards of culinary education in China and preparing students to meet the demands of the global hospitality industry.


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