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Koppert Cress introduces Sweet Peeper!

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France, 05th December 2018

Koppert Cress introduces Sweet Peeper! Sweet Peeper goes perfectly with both hot and cold dishes such as soups and salads. It takes dishes to the next level thanks to its high creative value and good bite in combination with the long-lasting, simple, dry, and bittersweet taste. The yellow leaves and pink/red shoots add an extra dimension to the dish while giving a nod to its origin: the sweet potato. In addition to the leaf, you can also use the pickled shoots as a fine addition to salads and sandwiches.


The sweet potato was originally discovered in Mexico, though in contrast to what the name would suggest, it is not related to the potato. Instead of starch, the sweet potato contains inulin which takes longer to digest. This makes it healthier for diabetes patients. We carefully select and package the sweet potato’s shoots, which are normally used for multiplication.

Koppert Cress is constantly looking for natural and innovative ingredients, which chefs can use to intensify the flavour, aroma and presentation of their dishes. Products that meet the increasingly stringent demands of restaurants across the globe. Cresses are freshly germinated seedlings of 100% natural aromatic plants. These plants provide freshness and intensity of taste and aroma that is almost exclusively found in young plants.

Cod | Lobster | Sweet Potato Crème | Sweet Peeper| Salicornia Cress / Edwin van den Heijkant (Bowery Restaurant – Hilton Schiphol)

Red Mullet | Fennel Salad |  Sweet Peeper | Sea Fennel | Salty Fingers / Edwin van den Heijkant (Bowery Restaurant – Hilton Schiphol)

Livar Pork | Sweet Peeper | Cucumber | Rettich | Radish | Red Pepper /  Edwin van den Heijkant (Bowery Restaurant – Hilton Schiphol)


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