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Indonesia, 28th December 2018

A  powerful  7.5  magnitude  earthquake  rocked  the  Indonesian  island  of  Sulawesi  on  September  28,  2018  and triggered  a  devastating  tsunami  at  Palu.  More  than  2,000  people  lost  their  lives,  many more  were  injured  and missing. In total, there were 3 natural disasters in the area that included an earthquake, tsunami and soil liquefaction.

The majority  of  the  deaths  occurred  in  Palu, a  City  that is  home  to more  than  380,000  people. In  addition,  over70,000 people were left homeless following the disaster.

World Chefs Without Borders (WCWB) provided disaster aid relief that was coordinated by Stefu Santoso,WCWB Ambassador & Emergency Response Team Memberand President ACP Jakarta, Together with hisWCWB team, they organized dried relief packs, water purification tablets and generators as only air relief transport was allowed. The  WCWB  team  also  prepared  6,000  packed  meals  and  distributed  them  to  9  refugee  tents:  District  Thamrin, District  Dayoh  Daro,  Central  Mosque,  Talise  Beach,  Sigi  Village,  2  areas  in  District  Kaleke,  District Wisolo  and District Poi.

WCWB donated 5,000 euros and ACP Indonesia donated over 3000 euros to assist in the disaster aid relief efforts. The participating WCWB chefs and young chefs outside of the City also paid their own flights and travel expenses.

World  Chefs  Without  Borders  (WCWB)  is  a  global  humanitarian  aid  initiative  by  Worldchefs.  Our  mission  is  to support  and  mobilize  our  global  network  of  volunteer  Chefs  to  undertake  initiatives  providing  education  and resources to those in need and afflicted by natural disasters.

If you would like to join us in support of this and other disaster aid relief efforts, please visit:

For  further  information  on  World  Chefs  Without  Borders,  please  contact:  Willment  Leong,  WCWB  Chairman at [email protected]


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