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VanDrie Group Renews as a Worldchefs Premium Partner

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Netherlands, 23rd September 2020

VanDrie Group Renews as a Worldchefs Premium Partner

  • VanDrie Group, a world market leader in veal, has renewed as a Worldchefs Premium Partner.
  • The family-owned business has been a Worldchefs Partner since 2000. With more than 25 companies, VanDrie employs approximately 2,500 people.
  • VanDrie strives to use their position as a world market leader to advance the industry and drive innovation solutions towards sustainability.

Paris, 21st of September 2020 – Worldchefs is pleased to announce a renewed partnership with VanDrie Group, a world market leader in veal and valued Worldchefs Premium Partner since 2000.

The Dutch-owned VanDrie Group is a company built on family traditions. In the early 1960s, Jan van Drie purchased his first newborn calf for fattening. Today, with more than 25 companies, the group is the largest integrated veal producer in the world, employing approximately 2,500 people.

The VanDrie Group produces veal and beef products, calf feed, dairy products and calfskins with a circular approach into its policy. Monitored by Safety Guard, a unique integral chain management system, approximately 1.5 million calves are processed each year, more than 95% of which are exported all around the world.

VanDrie strives to use their position as a world market leader to advance the industry. At home and abroad, VanDrie is committed to delivering healthy, sustainable and animal-friendly food production. Their Research and Development department works on solutions and innovations that benefit animal welfare, the environment and veal farmers. Partners in the Regio Foodvalley Agricultural Network, VanDrie is helping to drive innovation in the sector.

The VanDrie Group focuses on aspects of sustainability as well as the versatility of veal, putting less traditional cuts in the spotlight. By providing recipes and special preparation methods, they continue to express their commitment to using all parts of the calf, and educating the public about lesser known cuts. 

“We are extremely proud to continue our longstanding partnership with the VanDrie Group,” says Ragnar Fridricksson, Worldchefs Managing Director. “As a company driven by family values, they are very committed to farming traditions with sustainable agriculture and animal welfare at the heart of their operations. They care greatly about culinary traditions, where veal plays a major role in modern gastronomy, classic cuisine and traditional local dishes. We look forward to continue our common efforts to educate young professionals on the use and qualities of different veal cuts and preparations.” 

Of the partnership, Patricia van Krieken of the VanDrie Group shared:

“Our collaboration goes back to the year 2000 – the first time we saw the chefs from all over the world together in the Netherlands and were allowed to present ourselves. Since then, we have followed the developments of Worldchefs and have been a Premium Partner for a number of years. It’s great to be able to experience how the organization is committed worldwide. It is rightly an organization for chefs without borders. Who you are, what you do, how you do it, what vision you have: Worldchefs embraces you and takes you along in their mission to improve the culinary standards of world cuisine. They build a global network every day, providing a platform for chefs to challenge each other during competitions and lift each other to a higher platform. Highly appreciative of their pioneering work to develop culinary education programs with Global Culinary Certification. As a Premium Partner we feel highly valued and the organization is constantly looking for connections, opportunities and exposure for the company and the product.”

For more information on VanDrie and their products, visit

To read about their work with the Regio Foodvalley Agricultural Network, click here.

To discover new meat cuts and recipes, download their interactive Vealcuts app.



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