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Kitchen Club Academy in Palestine – one of the newest members of the Worldchefs Recognition Quality Culinary Education Program

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Palestine, 09th March 2018

Recognition of Quality Culinary Education

Club Academy – Palestine


Kitchen Club Academy(KCA) in Palestine is one
of the newest members of the Worldchefs Recognition Quality Culinary Education
  Through a thorough
investigation, they have demonstrated that they meet all Twelve Standards of
Quality Culinary Education as outlined by Worldchefs in 2010.

KCA was founded in 2009 in Ramallah, in the
central west bank of Palestine.
Academy offers programs in cooking and pastry arts. Main subjects Include:
  instruction in recipe and menu planning,
supervising and training kitchen assistants, the management of food supplies
and kitchen resources, aesthetics of food presentation, and a wide variety of
cuisines and culinary techniques.
of the international cuisines studied are: Italian, Mexican, French, Asian,
Palestinian, and Middle Eastern.

In addition to taking traditional courses,
students are required to perform apprenticeship in a local food establishment.
The Academy offers beginning and advanced programs of study.

KCA’s pastry program exposes students to all
aspects of baking and pastry arts; preparing them for careers as bakers or
pastry chefs.
 Courses may include:
baking fundamentals, nutrition, cake design, chocolate arts, confectionaries,
plated desserts, specialty cakes, sanitation and safety, and culinary

KCA also offers courses in modern cuisine
including molecular cuisine. The faculty, staff, and administration are
committed to providing the latest techniques and trends in food service in
order to prepare their graduates for progressive jobs that lead to life-long
careers as professional chefs and pastry chefs.


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