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Thessaloniki, treasure trove of Greece

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Greece, 30th July 2015

Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

With historic sites that span four millennia, idyllic beaches and towering mountain ranges there is a wide variety of tourist attractions in Greece to explore.

And despite the debt crisis with credit downgrades and protest by day, Greece as a travel destination is as popular as it has ever been.

We could tell you to visit the Parthenon in Athens or Mount Athos in Chalkidiki. But our recommendation for today is Thessaloniki.

The city of Thessaloniki is Greece’s second-largest. Lively festivals, social events and a buzzing nightlife make this city the cultural capital of Greece.

Comprised of a historic city center and commercial district, Thessaloniki offers a treasure trove of both old and new gems from its Byzantine walls, White Tower and Turkish baths to colorful food markets, museums and art galleries. Thessaloniki also offers a good shopping scene.

Thessaloniki’s nightlife is unmatched: from small tavernas to nightclubs, dance halls and other entertainment venues. Ladadika is the most popular nightlife district in the city. Additionally, Thessaloniki features floating bars, where tourists can enjoy music, dancing and socializing while on a trip around the Thermaic Gulf.

The views are stunning with Mount Olympus reeling in the distance and the sea spreading towards the horizon. Truly beautiful vistas can be seen from higher ground but the feeling of a cosmopolitan young city with old treasures and stunning tableaux is enough to entice anyone.

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