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14th November 2016



London – 10 November 2016: This week marks the launch of use a brand new online tool that will allow chefs to earn a globally recognised professional certification without even having to leave the kitchen.

WORLDCHEFS joined forces with the City & Guilds Group to create a new digital platform which allows chefs to be fully recognised for their experience gained whilst working in the industry. Using the tool, users can verify their expertise at nine different levels which include professional cook, master chefs, master pastry chef and culinary educator.

The WORLDCHEFS Global Culinary Certification enables experienced chefs, cooks and culinary educators, as well as students who are embarking on their career, to have their skills and experience validated by the industry professionals at WORLDCHEFS whilst earning the stamp of quality that the City & Guilds brand assures.

Best of all the certification will be recognised globally, literally serving up a world of opportunities to chefs who want to work internationally.

Kirstie Donnelly, Managing Director, City & Guilds said: “As people’s palettes grow ever more adventurous, seeking out new and undiscovered cuisines, chefs from all corners of the globe are increasingly demand in countries other than their own.


“Having internationally recognised standards that are earned online and recognised across the world will allow chefs to travel wherever their talents are in demand and help employers across the globe access the skilled workforces they need.

“The WORLDCHEFS global culinary certification has been well received by governments around the world and applauded by the industry and we are really excited about its potential to raise global standards of culinary excellence.”

The WORLDCHEFS certification offers a new way for employers to recruit staff and it assists with career development. It allows chefs to showcase their skills and experience online, using sharable digital ‘badges’ which can be displayed on social media and job sites, giving employers instant information on each candidate. And it’s not just for experienced chefs or employers. Culinary schools can also use the system to certify trainee chefs and cooks finishing their studies, allowing them to demonstrate their skills to prospective employers when they hit the marketplace and giving them a competitive edge as they set out on their career.

The innovative on-line platform was designed by DigitalMe a company who work with teachers, charities and employers across the world to create a new digital currency that recognises people's skills and talents.

Thomas A. Gugler, President of WORLDCHEFS, said: “We are incredibly proud of the work we have done with City & Guilds. The industry has been crying out for a standard which reflects the highly mobile nature of the workforce. There are millions of highly talented chefs and cooks around the world who cannot afford to take time out from their busy jobs, but still want demonstrate the wealth of experience they have gained over the years. We also wanted to recognise the fantastic work done by culinary educators who nurture and inspire the future generation of the chefs.

“Our main aim is to have global equal opportunities and career aspects which enable chefs to work all around the globe with a reputed recognition, certification and with pride.”

If you would like to find out more about how to earn a WORLDCHEFS global certification please visit




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