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The UAE Chefs have done it again! 5000 liters of Karak Chai

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United Arab Emirates, 05th February 2018

The members of the Emirates Culinary Guild teamed up
with Global Village and Mindset for the attempt on 25th January in
Global Village.  The original plan was to
break the record from Oct 2017 achieved in China then 4050 liters of hot tea in
1 cup by 450 liters to 4500 liters.  This
goal was then only changed on the day itself explained by Chef Uwe Micheel,
President of the Emirate Culinary Guild and Director of Kitchens – Radisson Blu
Hotel Dubai Deira Creek.  We had prepared
extra ingredients and when we saw during the morning that all went well, we
decided to increase to 5000 liters. For us the preparation for this event
actually started in November 2017 with the first discussion with Mindset and
Global Village teams.  By end of December
we had all agreed on logistics, size of big pot, cooking stations etc.  Keeping in mind that Karak Chai has a lot of
milk we needed to make sure we follow very strictly the  Dubai Municipality Food Safety Rules to ensure
the chai is safe (taste great for consumption of the Global Village visitors).
Beginning of January 2018 we started to work then on the first recipe to be
used.  Chef Uwe explained that he got
Senior Chefs from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Syria together and we tested
different recipes.  The team has then
agreed that the best recipe for the event was the Karak Chain from Aseelah
(Emirati Restaurant at Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek) which was prepared
by Rabeh Amir.  After the testing with
Global Village and Mindset Teams, the ingredients could now be ordered.  A total of 400kg of Team Powder, 270 kg of
Milk Powder, 400 kg of Sugar, 4.5kg of cloves, 135 kg of fresh ginger. 27kg of
Cardamom and 27 kg of cinnamon sticks were used.  By a total of 138 chefs. 


Andy Cuthbert, Chairman of Emirates Culinary Guild and
General Manager Mina A Salam, Madinat Jumeirah C&I, Jumeirah Hospitality told
us that he is very proud for yet another achievement by the Emirates Culinary
Guild Team.   The Team work by Chefs from
all the Emirates was second to none.  The
team started the setup 2 days before the event. The chefs started to cook the
tea from 9: am.  The Karak Chai was
prepared in batches of 10 liters.  Chef
Uwe explains that it is very important to boil the tea with the spices long
enough to get the flavor right, the milk powder will then be added last.  By 16:00 when Kevin Southam from Guinness
arrived the mission was achieved 5000 liters of Karak Chai at 80oC
in one big pot of 3.66 meters in height and 1.42 in diameter.


After the official Audit and amount of the New World
Record. The Tea was then offered and consumed by 45000 Global Village visitors.

– Emirates
Culinary Guild


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