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"Tea is to the body as music is to the soul" Earlene Grey! Let's give Dilmah a huge warm of applause for their 30 years young birthday!

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Sri Lanka, 29th January 2018

Dilmah Celebrating 30 Years

Taste. Goodness. Purpose. No compromise.


We are a family tea company, established
by Merrill J. Fernando, the first grower from any tea producing country in the
world to offer tea grown, ethically made and packed at source under his own
brand. Our teas are handpicked, made in the traditional, artisanal way and
packed fresh, to protect flavour and goodness. Tea is a deliciously indulgent
natural herb, and as a family with a passion for tea, we will never compromise
on taste and natural antioxidant goodness in fine tea.


We believe that business is a matter of
human service, and that philosophy defines every aspect of Dilmah. Using
earnings from the sale of Dilmah Tea, we are changing the lives of thousands
each year through the work of our MJF Foundation. Our teas are packed in a
Carbon Neutral facility and Dilmah Conservation shares the success of Dilmah
with Nature, through our environmental conservation, education and restoration
projects. That is our Purpose.


This year we celebrate 30 years of
uncompromising commitment to the founding principles of Dilmah, so that with
every sip of Dilmah that you enjoy, we offer you Taste and Goodness and at the
same time fulfill our Purpose by doing so with respect for nature while
bringing a smile to the faces of the less privileged.

#HappyBirthday #ThisIsWorldchefs #BestPartner



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