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Congratulations to Participants of the 11th International Culinary Competition of Southern Europe in Thessaloniki, Greece

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Greece, 11th March 2019

Paris, France · 11 March 2019: Congratulations to Participants of the 11th International Culinary Competition of Southern Europe in Thessaloniki, Greece

After four days of cooking, tasting and judging, the winners of the Best Chef of the Year, Student of the Year, Team of the Year and Best School of the Year were announced on Monday, in a festive atmosphere, at the closing ceremony of the 11th International Culinary Competition of Southern Europe.

The Competition took place within the 28th International Exhibition for Food, Beverages, Machinery Equipment and Packaging, Detrop, from March 1 to March 4, 2019, at Pavillion 16 of Thessaloniki International Exhibition and Conrgress Centre, HELEXPO.

This year there were 540 participations of distinguished Chefs and students (a record number for the history of the Competition) from 22 countries, that competed in 30 categories and were evaluated by 6 Greek and 17 international Judges.

The Best School of the Year Trophy was awarded to INTERCOLLEGE CULINARY ARTS from Cyprus, the Best Chef of the Year Trophy to Mr. Kaloyan Kalev from Bulgaria, the Best Student Chef of the Year Trophy to Alexis Callas from Cyprus, the Student Pastry Chef of the Year Trophy to Michalis Sarafidis from Greece and the Team Grand Prix to the team from Iceland.

“With participations from Serbia, Taiwan, Iceland, Cyprus, Turkey, Ukraine and many other countries, we are glad to see the Competition’s development through the years and its international recognition. Some of the best Chefs from around the world are gathered in order to share experience and knowledge”, mentioned the president of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Gkotsis.

The Organizer of the Competition, The Chefs Association of Northern Greece, would like to congratulate the participants that managed to impress the demanding Judging Committee with their skills and creativity, but also for their high standards and excellent attitude during the competition.

The Association would also like to thank the distinguished Chefs of the Judging Committee,the co-organizer TIF HELEXPO, our supporters, the culinary schools that joined us, as well as the members of the Chefs Association of Northern Greece for their valuable help and support.


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