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Taiwanese chefs leading a digital revolution

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Taiwan, 15th December 2016

A group of 65 young chefs from Taiwan are leading a digital revolution after becoming the first in the world to use a new online tool, which allows chefs to be recognised for the skills they have gained throughout their careers.

Earlier this month the chefs completed the WORLDCHEFS Professional Cook certification earning a digital ‘badge’ that is set to become a global industry benchmark, allowing them to work worldwide. They achieved their badge following graduation from a Worldchefs approved culinary programme and many of them have already been snapped up by leading global brands.

The WORLDCHEFS Global Culinary Certification complements traditional qualifications because it enables chefs, cooks and culinary educators to have their skills and experience validated by industry professionals at WORLDCHEFS whilst earning the stamp of quality that the City & Guilds brand assures.

Kirstie Donnelly, Managing Director, City & Guilds said: “As people crave ever more varied world cuisines, chefs are finding their skills and experience in demand in all four corners of the globe. In the past it’s been more difficult for a chef from Taiwan for example to demonstrate their skill to an employer in another part of the world. However, using WORLDCHEFS Global Culinary Certification they can easily do this allowing them to take their talents wherever there is work.

“Everyone at City & Guilds wants to offer huge congratulations to the students from Taiwan who have become the first to use this technology as a passport to what will undoubtedly be great careers. It’s fantastic to hear that so many of them are already reaping the benefits – we can’t wait to see what they all achieve next.”

Howard Hao-Chun Hsia, Vice Principal, Kai Ping Culinary School said: “We are so proud that students from Kai Ping Culinary School are the first in the world to receive such a prestigious recognition from WORLDCHEFS and City & Guilds.

“At Kai Ping Culinary School we pride ourselves on embracing new technologies and advancements in training that will connect chefs globally with a competitive edge in the world of work. We believe that the WORLDCHEFS Global Culinary Certification showcases not only their level of competence but also sets them on a journey to develop their industry based skills in a way that a traditional certificate cannot.

“The excitement created by the launch of the WORLDCHEFS online system, both among our students and employers, has been remarkable and the career successes that these students have experienced in such a short time shows just how WORLDCHEFS Global Certification is the key that opens many doors in the culinary world.”

Thomas A. Gugler, President of WORLDCHEFS, said: “Leaving a culinary school used to mean the end of professional education for many chefs. With our online certification, however, it is just the beginning. We have designed the certification to capture what chefs and cooks do every day in the kitchen so that it becomes a key part of their career development.

“The first group from Taiwan, who have just received their certification, is a perfect illustration of our vision. Providing young chefs, starting out in the industry, a clear and practical tool which enables them to get recognition every step of the way in their career as they learn new skills and deepen their experience.”

WORLDCHEFS joined forces with the City & Guilds Group to use the latest technology, designed by Digitalme, to verify the expertise of industry professionals. There are nine levels of certification, from Professional Cook to Master Chef and Master Pastry Chef, all underpinned by robust quality assurance that the City & Guilds brand represents.

The certification uses a digital currency, called ‘open badges’. It allows chefs to showcase their skills and experience online, on social media and job sites, giving employers instant information on what they have achieved.

And it’s not just for cooks, experienced chefs or employers. Culinary educators can also apply to get recognition for their achievements as the mentors of the next generation of culinary professionals.

If you would like to find out more about the WORLDCHEFS Global Culinary Certification, please visit


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