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Taiwan Culinary Art Challenge debut, a great success

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Taiwan, 08th June 2015


The first ever held TCAC (Taiwan Culinary Art Challenge) under the Taiwan Chefs Association was inaugurated after a lengthy review on how to further motivate and enhance Taiwan’s culinary aspect in line with International Standards of competency abiding by WACS rules and regulation.  3 month of preparation has shown that the Committee headed under Chef Alan Chien complied with the level of attainment was met to given standards.

Culinary Competitions have always played a vital role in culinary arts to a majority of our chefs as they continually engage themselves in raising the standards of culinary excellence. There is no better way for a culinarian to enhance their craft by putting their skills and knowledge to the test in a competitive and environmentally friendly format.

The recent held International Culinary Art Challenge has seen 352 competitors from whole Taiwan with a mix of young chefs and professional alike; competing in 21 Categories.  The enrolment of individual and team driven competitors has stretched our judging panels comprising of 23 local and 7 international judges to judge and observe a total of 458 competitions. WACS appointed Head Judge A Chef Perry Yuen assured that for sure no one complained, no one was starving, no one disappeared and everyone was on time.

Competitors from all culinary sectors of the Hospitality Industry such as Restaurants, Hotels, Universities and self-owned establishments participated in the 5 day event.  We noticed that the mentorship and guidance from attending competitors of 39 Schools / University dominated the competition as our young chefs were able to compete in a competency set environment whiles taken advice in feedback sessions from various judges and mentors.

Special Guest Judge Appearance by WACS Young Chef Vice Chairman Alan Orreal has further enhanced the competition mood as to boost morale, giving advice and sharing knowledge with the competitors.

The event has contributed to the success and understanding of WACS aligned Rules and Regulation as to share, review and mentor not only the Competitors but the Judging Panel as well. In-depth review on Objective and Subjective judging marking criteria’s outlined by Chef Perry Yuen have enhanced their knowledge and skills in leading and mentoring competitors and judges as to review the training aspects, cooking methods and food styling based on International standards.

Throughout the event we have seen highlights of individual and team competitions. In closing, the competition provided competitors with the opportunity to acquire the competence and the skills to understand and appreciate fundamental food products, focusing on the preparation of food commodities which were analysed for both their cultural and sensorial value, in order to reveal their characteristics and their flavour.  The competition has enhanced the overall knowledge to participants in regards to the fundamental understanding on theoretical and practical knowledge. Participants were able to apply and perform various tasks in a broad and defined range of predictable and some non-routine activities.

To all participating competitors and judges, this event was of a tremendous opportunity to exchange global visions in regards to culinary training amongst international guidelines.  As such, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation and thanks to our Sponsors, the Organizing Committee, the Administrative Management, Competitors and their respective Instructors and Chef Students by providing culinary assistants to all participating competitors.

TCAC 2015


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