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South Africa welcomes its 2nd Chef2Chef seminar with a special guest!

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South Africa, 15th July 2016

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Electrolux Professional & WorldChefs were back in HTA School in Johannesburg for the second edition of Chef2Chef Seminar a part of Art&Science Come Together Alliance. Stephen Billingham WorldChefs Chef2Chef Ambassador & President of South African Chefs Association and HTA School of Culinary Art & Chef Silvano Costantini of Electrolux Professional were hosting Seminar on Chemistry of Smoking a topic very close to South African “heart”. Worldchefs President Charles Carroll was also present, what a treat!

During the workshop participants had a chance to learn the dynamics & chemical process behind the smoking of different types of food and got to try smoking using various technologies for hot and cold smoking. Chef Silvano of Electrolux was revealing some secrets of using a Smoker and how to get the best flavour while meeting the requirements of local cuisine.


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