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Skill Up with FREE Access to The French Chefs Handbook

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01st August 2020

Keep honing your skills! This summer, Worldchefs has teamed up with The French Chef Handbook – the most complete book of technical bases in the kitchen with more than 500 techniques described step-by-step, 3000 photos, 118 videos, and 1000 recipes worksheets.

Written by the visionary Chef Michel Maincent-Morel, this book revolutionized the learning of cooking by offering solid techniques to beginners.

First published in 1995, La Cuisine de Référence has trained over 800,000 chefs in French cooking techniques. Translated into English for the 25th anniversary, it’s now available to the Worldchefs community in digital format FREE for a limited time only.

Get immersed online, the next best thing to a stage in a kitchen!

Worldchefs Summer Camp with the French Chef Handbook is available for free until August 31, 2020. Don’t miss out!


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