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World Food Day 2023

#ShowUsYourPlate highlights from World Food Day 2023

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Global, 24th November 2023

On October 16th, 2023 we celebrated World Food Day! Chefs from all around the world came together to celebrate our industry and reflect on ways to take action and shape a more sustainable future for the culinary world.

This year, we asked you to reflect on our impact on the planet, take action, and #ShowUsYourPlate. Over 196,963 chefs from around the world engaged in our campaign! We’re thankful to all of our chefs from around the world who shared their delicious, sustainable plates with us!

Here are just some of your creations!

World Food Day is yearly reminder of the importance of shaping a more sustainable and equitable food system. And it can be as easy as wasting less food, trying new things, and eating more plants but it will take all of us to take action every day! To find more information about how we can all create a more sustainable food future, check out our Feed the Planet projects.

Thank you to our partners, Electrolux Food Foundation and AIESEC To learn more about how we can sustainably feed our populations growing planet, check out “The Magic Puzzle: a film about sustainable food for today and tomorrow” from Electrolux Food Foundation.


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