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RyssbyGymnasiet, cooking school from Sweden, enters RQCE program

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Sweden, 28th September 2015

RyssbyGymnasiet is a restaurant school, which has a long tradition of educating students and aspiring chefs. RyssbyGymnasiet offers upper secondary and adult education. The school has existed for over 100 years and today we have a modern teaching facility with modern purpose built premises. RyssbyGymnasiet has students from all over Sweden and offers boarding for those who live far away from school.

RyssbyGymnasiet is KRAV-certified (eco-labelled) and we work with an ecological mindset. We want to give our students a genuine food and cooking expertise. One of our specialties is meat from game, everything from carving to gastronomy. We want to take advantage of using the game on our properties hunted by our hunting students. We are also very successful in cooking competitions. We trained two students who later became Chef of the Year in Sweden and also were members of the Swedish National Chef team. We are also members of the Regional Culinary Heritage in Småland and our teachers and instructors are members of the Swedish Chef Association. We also work closely with a large number of first-class restaurants and restauranteurs, to give our students the best possible internships.

RyssbyGymnasiet is beautifully located in southern Sweden, Småland, between Växjö and Ljungby.


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