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Polish Culinary Cup announced its winners

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Poland, 30th September 2013

The Polish Culinary Cup that took place September 24–25, as the most prestigious national culinary competition for professionals in Poland announced its winners. As stated, the primary purpose of this competition is to develop Polish gastronomy, promote it outside Poland and create content-related and organizational standards for regional culinary competitions.

Members of the international judging team were: Jaroslaw Uscinski, Chairman of the jury, Gissur Gudmundsson WACS President, Armand Steinmetz (Luxembourg), Miltos Karoubas (Greece), Jean-Bernard Mahut (France), Jos Van Grunsven (Netherlands) and Dragan Unic (Sweden). The international team of judges was delegated to judge the Finals, held on the second day of the competition, September 25th. After many great dishes, seven long hours, difficult decisions to choose the best three among ten teams, the judging team joined their opinions and elected the winners. Just before the gala dinner started, the names of the winning teams were announced. As reinforcement to this great competition, many sponsors joined and gave their contribution through valuable support and prizes for the competitors. Even there was a challenging task to put together bay leaf, chocolate and venison, as obligatory ingredients, and create a tasty and appealing dish, each team showed its creativity and skills and certainly gained new experience and knowledge for the next time.

Polish Culinary Cup is a yearly competition, held during Polagra Gastro Gastronomy Fair in Poznan. This international trade fair for gastronomy is situated in spacious, modern and well equipped halls. Each hall was representing certain hospitality segment – food, manufacturers, specialized companies, distributors, industrial and logistical machines, restaurant and bar inventory etc. The entire venue was professionally organized, with a diverse offer and caught great attention of many visitors – professionals as well as culinary enthusiasts.

Undoubtedly, this year’s Polish Culinary Cup set up higher standards but also raised expectations to present the upcoming innovations and trends. In the meantime, there will certainly be exciting news coming from Polish chefs!

About the Cup: The Polish Culinary Cup has been organized by the Poznan International Fair and the Wielkopolska Chamber of Gastronomy since 2000. From its first edition, it has been supported by the most important and most prestigious Polish culinary societies, which share their content-related and organizational experience. They include: The Polish Chefs and Pastry Chefs Association, Chefs’ Club Foundation and Euro-Toques Polska. The Polish Culinary Cup consists of three stages, which guarantees that the winners are Polish chefs being true masters of the cooking craft. At the first stage, the Program Council of the Polish Culinary Cup assesses and grants KPP semifinal nominations to winners of maximum fifteen best competitions. The second stage is the semifinal of the Polish Culinary Cup, qualifying maximum ten teams to the final. The jury of the semifinal comprises Polish authorities in gastronomy. The final is the third stage of the competition, selecting the winners of the Polish Culinary Cup. The work of the Polish Culinary Cup finalists is assessed by an independent, international jury, composed of the greatest international culinary personages. 






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