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Peppadew® International joins Worldchefs as Program Partner & Congress Silver Level Partner

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Afghanistan, 07th November 2017

NOVEMBER 2017: Worldchefs is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Peppadew® International– passionate innovators of the irresistible red piquanté peppers product range. Peppadew® joins Worldchefs as Program Partner, and Silver Level Partner for Worldchefs Congress & Expo 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“Our partners are carefully chosen to reflect our core ideals and to add value for our thriving global network of chefs,” said Thomas Gugler, Worldchefs President. “Peppadew® offers both –  the brand is based on passion and innovation, and their unique products meet an international demand we have seen from chefs across the globe for more diverse flavour profiles. We couldn’t be more pleased to welcome Peppadew® to Worldchefs.”

As Program and Congress Silver Partner, Peppadew® will be present at the biennial hallmark Worldchefs Congress & Expo event – Asia on a Plate. Register today for this must-attend global chefs event: find out more. Peppadew® will supply functional and design-oriented ingredients to the Worldchefs Global Chefs Challenge – where the world’s best chefs meet to compete, along with other Worldchefs events and competitions.

“As a leading global brand, Peppadew® International is excited to partner with Worldchefs and we look forward to being a sponsor for the prestigious Worldchefs Congress & Expo 2018. This collaboration provides a perfect opportunity to showcase our unique and versatile product range to the world’s best culinary representatives.”


About Worldchefs

Worldchefs is a thriving global network of more than 100 chefs associations, representing professional chefs at all levels and across all areas of expertise worldwide. Founded in1928 at the Sorbonne in Paris with the venerable August Escoffier as Honorary President, Worldchefs is a global authority on food. Worldchefs establishes impact through through leadership and action in three core areas: education – includes our landmark Recognition of Quality Culinary Education program, ongoing professional development & training, and the world’s first global culinary certification; events & competition – Worldchefs provides a gateway to global events and hosts the landmark biennial Worldchefs Congress & Expo, home to the Global Chefs Challenge where the world’s best chefs meet to compete; and Feed the Planet – delivers humanitarian and sustainability initiatives which create better lives, better food and better futures across the planet.


Andrea Petruzella 
PR & Marketing Manager, Worldchefs
[email protected] 
mobile + 33 (0) 6 37 66 50 99
office + 33 (0) 1 46 87 65 10

About Peppadew® International

It all began in a small farming industry in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, where the small, red piquanté pepper was discovered. These irresistible red piquanté peppers, loved for their gorgeous and very distinctive spicy and sweet flavour, were first commercially grown and are still bottled and marketed under the PeppadewÒ brand in the Tzaneen region of South Africa.

Brand passion, innovative product development, the now signature style of the Peppadew® brand, as well as production expertise has evolved the business from a small farming industry to an exciting international brand with a range of quality products. As a result, discerning palates around the world, from South Africa, to the US and the UK, mainland Europe, the Scandinavian countries and as far away as Australia and Korea, savour the Peppadew® range of products.

Our zealous quality focus combined with innovative consumer marketing campaigns, have established the brand locally and internationally and it is a foundation that bodes well for the brand’s prospects into the future.


Phone: +(27) 11 516 4200

Email: [email protected]



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