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Penang Chefs joining the humanitarian mission

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Malaysia, 25th January 2014

Despite the unfavorable weather conditions that occurred last November in the Philippines, members of the World Chefs Without Borders assured us there were no limitations for them to act. Additionally, the recent event caused a great solidarity among chefs worldwide, who were decisive to help their fellow colleagues in the Philippines.

In the light of this global humanitarian action, Penang Chefs Association together with LTB Philippines Chefs Association organized a memorable charity dinner.  Moreover, Young Chefs of Penang, who won the Silver Medal at the International Young Chefs Challenge 2013, gathered their talents and prepared a spectacular menu.

The total amount of 3,444$ collected that night went straight to the hands of LTB Philippines Chefs Association and will be distributed to those affected by the typhoon Haiyan.

Undoubtedly, once again chefs have shown their outstanding devotion and readiness to help as well as their greatness and power once united!


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