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Sterling White Halibut AS is a fully integrated aquaculture company farming Atlantic Halibut (Hippoglossus Hippoglossus). Sterling White Halibut AS offers premium halibut products under its brand SterlingTM and with the following message:. “SterlingTM White Halibut is bred and raised in cold, clear water in the deep fjords in Ryfylke on the Western part of Norway. The fish need tending for four to five years before it is ready for eating. The SterlingTM brand is your guarantee of premium quality fish. It means you can rest assured that the fish you eat has been raised and handled with the utmost care. SterlingTM is seafood that Sterling White Halibut AS is proud to sell!” SterlingTM White Halibut – “It’s a Gourmet fish for Special Occasions”


Sterling White Halibut AS Hundsnes, N-4130 Hjelmeland

+47 21 56 27 00

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