Social Gastronomy Movement

Who we are?

The Social Gastronomy Movement is a global network of chefs, grassroots organizations, companies, activists, and academics using the power of food to create social change. We cultivate connections, collaborations, and partnerships that strengthen our individual and collective capacity to co-create an equitable future, inclusive society and healthy planet.

Breaking bread and connecting through food has always been a way for communities to gather and support each other. The Social Gastronomy Movement (SGM) was born from that simple idea. Chef and social entrepreneur David Hertz, founder of Gastromotiva, had a vision:  to create an interconnected global support network of local communities that use the power of food to create social change. That dream soon became a reality with a collaboration between Nicola Gryczka, Patrick Honauer, now board members of Social Gastronomy Schweiz, and fifty other food systems stakeholders who gathered with the intention to work towards a more inclusive and just food system.  

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