Saudi Airline Catering

Who we are?

Saudi Airlines Catering was established in 1981. The 35 years that followed witnessed a rapid expansion in the organization’s operations, which spanned local and international markets. Over the years, our company has pressed forward with its program of continuous improvement and innovation, as well as streamlining our operations to meet growth in demand and to achieve operational efficiencies. Our business has diversified and now operates across the key sectors of In Flight, Retail and Catering, and Facilities.

The Company is managed by a highly experienced team with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage the Company’s operations. The Company is organized into three sectors along with supportive functions each of which reports to the CEO.


Saudi Airline Catering Company Head Office Prince Sultan Road - Al Muhammadiyah District 5 P.O. Box 9178 Jeddah 21413


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