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World Food Day 2023

On this World Food Day, we’re celebrating you.

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Global, 16th October 2023

On this World Food Day, we’re celebrating you.

October 16th is World Food Day. It’s a day for reflection, for action, and also for celebration. A year ago we asked you to join us and chefs around the globe in a movement towards more equitable and sustainable food systems. We gave you the tools, and our community made a remarkable impact. To date:

  1. Worldchefs Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals program, available in 8 languages on the free Worldchefs Academy platform, has prepared 146 trainers from 130 culinary institutions in 55 countries and reached nearly 11,000 graduates.
  2. The award-winning Like a Chef culinary employment program has changed the lives of more than 1,176 people, providing career training and support in 10 training centres around the world.
  3. The award-winning Food Heroes Challenge has educated over 116,000 kids about sustainable and healthy eating habits with a fun and interactive toolkit.
  4. Our webcast, Sustainability Around the World, has interviewed experts in 31 episodes, making the big conversations in food systems easy to digest for more than 700,000 viewers.
  5. The Feed the Planet partnership, with our amazing team at Worldchefs, Electrolux Food Foundation, and AIESEC, has brought inspiration to kitchens everywhere, with an international community of viewers numbering over 160 million. We’re happy you’re one of them.

What better way to celebrate than through food? Visit Replate to find inspiration for a new sustainable recipe, and be sure to #showusyourplate! 

Follow the steps below to get involved.

World Food Day

#ThisIsWorldchefs #WorldFoodDay #FeedthePlanet


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