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Nestlé Professional is Launching Planetpro to Help Customers Navigate the Sustainability Business Challenge

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Switzerland, 30th September 2020

Nestlé Professional®, Nestlé’s Out-of-Home business, is proud to announce the launching of its digital magazine, Planetpro, which will cover a range of environmental topics that are closely tied to the foodservice industry. By sharing this information, Nestlé Professional®, aims to help customers understand the sustainability and climate change challenges and help identify improvements to their businesses to reduce their environmental impact. 

Reinhold Jakobi, Global Head of Nestlé Professional® Strategic Business Unit, knows how challenging it is in the foodservice industry. “We understand how difficult it is to work in the Out-of-Home industry right now. There are many business challenges and we are looking to help our customers find practical ways to optimise their sustainable business practices.  Sharing our applied knowledge on sustainability is just one way we can help to make more possible.” 

To build the first edition of PlanetproNo Time to Waste, Nestlé Professional®, has leveraged their global packaging, chef and sustainability experts, to gather key information and create simple tips on how to reduce restaurant waste and maximise resources.   

“It has been a pleasure working with the cross-functional team of experts to develop relevant and timely content for our first Planetpro”, said Jean-Jacques Lerouge, Sustainability Manager for Nestlé Professional®. “Gathering information and practical tips to help the foodservice community reduce their environmental impact is a personal passion of mine.  I am proud to be able to share some of our knowledge to help make the planet a better place.”

For more information about Nestlé Professional® Planetpro, please contact your local market representative

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