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JAN: the VanDrie Group s new convenience brand

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Netherlands, 18th October 2016

Apeldoorn – At the SIAL international food exhibition in Paris, the VanDrie Group launched JAN, its new brand of convenience products. The brand includes products such as the veal burger and pulled veal. Later on, the VanDrie Group wants to add even more convenience products to the JAN product range.


Modern consumers want to enjoy convenient, healthy and responsible products, but their time is limited. As such, consumers are increasingly demanding solutions to this conundrum. With JAN, the VanDrie Group caters to their needs. “We are noticing that consumers are eating less meat, while also becoming increasingly critical, and that they are on the lookout for products that are in keeping with a healthy and varied diet. Consumers are also increasingly demanding healthy, easy to prepare products. We are responding to those trends with the introduction of our convenience brand. In addition to our more traditional products, we are launching JAN to meet the needs of our time,” says Henny Swinkels, Director of Corporate Affairs VanDrie Group.

The JAN products contain high-quality meat such as the shoulders and neck for the veal burger, contain less salt, provide detailed product information and consumers can use a QR code to get more information on JAN. The brand will be rolled out worldwide. Swinkels: “It’s a great challenge to be taking this on within the VanDrie Group. We want introduce consumers all over the world to our high-quality veal, which is produced in a responsible and animal-friendly manner. JAN offers convenience and quality, day in, day out.”


Jan: a traditional Dutch name, but also a name with a rich history. Jan represents the family history of the VanDrie Group. It was Jan van Drie sr. who, with the purchase of his first newborn calf, blazed the trail for the way in which modern Dutch calf husbandry now works, allowing us to enjoy the tastiest and highest quality veal. The calves are carefully selected by Jan and raised in a peaceful environment. They are fed top-quality feed, because good nutrition makes for flavourful meat. That is why at Jan, we produce our own cattle feed. This allows us to keep quality and taste of our meat at a high level. Jan also guarantees that the calves are processed extremely professionally to make the finest veal products, guaranteeing food safety. And Jan is delighted to share them with the rest of the world. 


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