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Alan Coxon is Presented with the Ambassador of Taste for Global Gastronomy 2021″ Gold Award.

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03rd November 2020

It is with pleasure and honour to announce that Chef Alan Coxon has been awarded an “Ambassador of Taste for Global Gastronomy 2021” Gold Award.

The ceremony was held this week in Athens, Greece, where Alan also managed to mix business with pleasure and find time to feast upon its rich history whilst indulging in his long standing pleasure and interest in food archaeology.

The “Ambassador of Taste for Global Gastronomy 2021” “Gold Award” will be carried with pride in his attempts to continue supporting chefs and food sectors, culinary heritage, traditions, cultures and global gastronomy in all the destinations where he may be allowed to travel in 2021.

Mr. Alan Coxon receives the honorary title by the founder of the Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy® organization (Ambassadors of Taste® global guide) Mr. Philip Koutras (Photo Credit: greektastebeyondborders)

The business world is currently suffering due to the Covid Virus, and non more so than the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Alan believes there will be a great need to support the industry morally and physically in its rehabilitation, whilst motivating young upcoming chefs looking to develop knowledge and skills that are desperately needed to see the sector into the next generation.

Alan says that “We need to implement and develop job security, stability, career progression and above all, hope for the future of the industry. Amidst all this we need to ensure global traditions are embraced and nurtured for the enjoyment and benefit of all”.

Please click here for additional information about the Ambassador of Taste for Global Gastronomy 2021. 

Hear more from Alan, listen to #worldonaplate:


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