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International Chefs Day: Help teach kids How Healthy Food Works!

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United States, 20th September 2019

Not only is the cucumber high in water content, it also…

– contains antioxidants

– lowers blood pressure

– good source of potassium

– supports healthy skin

– boosts bone health

So at your International Chefs Day event, try adding cucumbers and honeydew to your water dispenser for children to drink. This will help them stay hydrated during your fun-filled event.

And you can add this cute character above by printing it from the toolkit on and placing it next to your infused water dispenser.

Fun fact: The biggest cucumber, grown in southern China, was 67 inches long and weighed 154 pounds.

Vanessa Marquis, Chairman

International Chefs Day Committee

“Preparing Children for a Healthy Life!”

[email protected]






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