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International Chefs Day 2016 in Trinidad and Tobago

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09th November 2016


Children from as young as six years old took part in a creative cooking workshop to help them learn about healthy eating habits. 
In recognition of International Chefs Day, Nestlé Trinidad and Tobago, in collaboration with Nestlé Professional, hosted a one-day creative cooking workshop for little chefs.
Annually on October 20, International Chefs Day, more than 10 million chefs across the globe are given the opportunity to promote their profession to future chefs, and make a difference in their local communities, a statement from Nestle said.

Now in its second year locally, and as part of its “Healthy Kids Program,” Nestlé Trinidad and Tobago, hosted 60 children from 10 schools across T&T, including Sacred Heart Girls' RC, Belmont Government Primary and Dinsley Government. The schools met at the Nestlé Sport Club, Valsayn to participate in ‘Art on a Plate,’ the 2016 theme of International Chefs Day. 
At the event, the junior chefs got the opportunity to get creative with food, turning nutritious recipes into fun, edible ‘Art on a Plate’ that was not only enjoyable to make, but healthy to eat, too. Pizza, fruit salad, Rocky Oats’

The Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme
The Nestlé Healthy Kids programme is part of the company’s commitment to improve global nutrition. One of the non-communicable diseases plaguing our society is Diabetes, with the incidence rapidly increasing amongst children in particular.  
The primary objective of Nestlé’s Healthy Kids programme is to teach children the basics of healthy eating to help them grow into healthy adults.

According to Denise d’Abadie, Corporate Communications Manager at Nestlé Trinidad and Tobago “…a critical element to our Healthy Kids programme is the engagement of the family.
The support of the family is critical to overall growth of the child and so the Healthy Kids programme engages parents and guardians by encouraging the kids to take the learnings home to their family, so that everyone in the household learns how to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

More About International Chefs Day 2016 Theme – Art on a Plate
Children learn best through creative, fun activities. To make healthy nutrition tangible on a level they can relate and respond to, Nestlé partners with the World Association of Chefs Societies (WORLDCHEFS) to enact ‘Art on a Plate,’ the theme for International Chefs Day 2016. 
‘Art on a Plate’ involved children from 84 countries across the world, and right here in Trinidad and Tobago, in on-the-spot cooking and meal preparation with professional chefs from Nestlé Professional. 
During mini-workshops, the “Healthy Kids” created edible artwork with wholesome, nutritious ingredients.


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