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International Chefs Day 2015 – Penza, Russia

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Russia, 02nd November 2015

Traditionally, the International Day Cook “Penza College of the food industry and commerce” tested various professional events: conferences, competitions, contests, charity events. This year was no exception! For high school students college students staged an unusual holiday! Students under the guidance of college students have prepared their first “bun-toy” and muffin challenging and useful. Pupils offered to cook different kinds of children's baking yeast dough with the addition of vegetable puree. During cooking, the children learned a lot about the profession baker, confectioner. Who knows, maybe this is the first in their life master class will affect their hearts creative flair, and they want to be a sweet-maker. The children learned how to make mushrooms, figures of animals and birds and more. The guys worked just fine! A tasting of their products continued to students in college training restaurant, where they had a lesson in etiquette and a cup of tea, they learned about the beneficial properties of cooked products.

Children restless, curious in their life there is always a place of joy, laughter and celebration! They believe in miracles, look for and crave adventure. And such events allow children to try their hand at different professions in the field of nutrition and join the culinary arts, children end up in a beautiful setting, eat tasty, healthy food.

Children's festival – a fairy tale, we are doing with their hands!


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