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Singapore Celebrates International Chefs Day 2014

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Singapore, 21st October 2014

On the 20th of October 2014 our SATS team organized a luncheon for 150 people in conjunction with the National Kidney Foundation, these people are all on the Dialysis machines, we created a menu with the support of our dietician and also the dietician from the Kidney Foundation, the chefs actually did a little show for all including a few song in English and Cantonese and a not so choreographed dance routine, but everyone enjoyed it.

Due to religious beliefs – we set up two distinct buffets and served by different people and even transported in different vehicles.

A game of bingo in which near everyone won a prize and the chefs served and cleared that tables with the help of many volunteers from our offices including our senior management who all wore a chef’s hat in recognition of International Chefs Day.

This is our company’s 4th year as a company of celebrating International Chefs Days and it is something that all the chefs and the office people look forward to too.




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