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Immunity Inspired by Tea with Chef Peter Kuruvita

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04th January 2021

It is cited in texts and known around the world that ‘Tea began as a medicine, and then grew into a beverage’ – The Book of Tea. 

Scientific research further confirms what Asians have believed for centuries; that all types of tea contains polyphenols and powerful natural antioxidants which can protect regular tea drinkers from many degenerative diseases. Similarly, studies also suggest rooibos and spices have potent antioxidant and antiviral properties. 

Chef Peter Kuruvita combines both its ancient healing properties and its modern-day pleasures into tea inspired gastronomy recipes to help enhance the immune system. With carefully thought-out ingredients, he combines the polyphenolic and antioxidant goodness of tea and the antiviral properties from our Infusions to bring you Immunity Inspired by Tea Recipes. From energy-boosting recipes such as vegan-protein balls, to restaurant-worthy dishes such as Beetroot Tartare with Black Tea and Walnuts. 

Watch how to make a Gazpacho that can boost your immunity, with Dilmah’s Tangerine, Rose and Grapefruit Infusion:


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