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Hilton Lake Taupo Relaunches Timeless High Tea Experience with Dilmah

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Sri Lanka, 11th December 2023

Hilton Lake Taupo Relaunches Timeless High Tea Experience with Dilmah

Dilmah Ceylon Tea was instrumental in relaunching Hilton Lake Taupo’s Timeless High Tea, bringing warmth to New Zealand’s North Island this spring.

Dilhan Fernando, Tea Grower and Dilmah Chairman/CEO, shared insights about the authenticity and versatility of Ceylon tea, along with the unique characteristics of Dilmah teas.

Paired with Chef Hamish Neale’s delectable menu, attendees savoured brews like Dilmah Ceylon Breakfast Tea, Gentle Chamomile infusion, Natural Infusion of Blueberry, and Naturally Pure Green Tea.

This event showcased the luxurious gastronomic experience that can be crafted for guests, pairing Dilmah’s gourmet teas with exquisite food in perfect harmony, catering to Taupo’s high tea culture.

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Sri Lankan family tea company Dilmah, was established by Merrill J. Fernando to bring quality, Single Origin Ceylon Tea, garden fresh and unblended, to tea drinkers around the world. His Dilmah Tea brand was the first genuinely ethical tea brand, bringing a smile to the faces of the underprivileged in Sri Lanka, whilst giving consumers quality, authenticity and natural goodness in their cup of tea.


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