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Greek primary school celebrates International Chefs Day

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Greece, 29th October 2018

Last October 16, 2018, in Piraeus, particularly at the 28th Primary School of Piraeus, an interactive educational game took place on the occasion of the World Chefs Day. This event was designed to promote culinary art to children, making eating healthy and appealing to them.


At this celebration «Healthy Foods for Growing Up», children learned healthy eating habits and safety-hygiene measures while experimenting and having fun cooking various recipes from the organizer Chef Evanthia Bonazounta, Culinary Judge WACS – Director of the Women’s Department of the Chefs Club of Attica «ACROPOLIS» – Professor of Art Cooking IEK Piraeus, always with the supervision of herself and her team, and also tasted every culinary creation accompanied by smoothies.

Selected school sections that participated in this cooking game were Third Class of this Primary School. Specifically, 50 students from the 28th Primary School of Piraeus came in contact with various culinary techniques and created healthy dishes based on the recipes of the organizing chef.


The young chefs shared commemorative gifts such as hand-made cooking uniforms made especially for the children, recipe books created for the children with the recipes of the event, certificates of participation in the cooking game and all this in a colored bag containing fruit, vegetables, and bottled water.

The major sponsor of the event was Nestle. We are very grateful to the music restaurant TO PIROFANI OF PIRAEUS for its sponsorship, BALLY NUTS company for its nutraceuticals, SIDERIS company for its contribution to the manufactures, Mr. Pollias Konstantinos for the provision of mass catering equipment, the company DIANOMEFS for its contribution to the raw materials and the company G.ANDRALIS- G.PAPANGELIS OE for their contribution to raw materials. Special thanks to the Agricultural Farming Association of Attica for the sponsorship of milk and yogurt as well as the farm ONNOS FARM – PAPLIAKA bros for the donation of donkey milk.

At the same time, in the context of the event for healthy children food, a continued presentation started from the 6-month-old infant and the introduction of solid foods. This is the first interactive seminar on the first acquaintance of infants with the magical world of food, giving the right bases through the eyes of health professionals. The discussion was coordinated by a team of midwives specializing in breastfeeding and educated on infant nutrition.


At the end of the seminar there was a rich bibliography as well as the new recommendations for the introduction of solid foods in the first year of life of the Ministry of Health.On this theoretical part, wonderful recipes based on scientific data were created and culinary techniques for the proper and safe creation of baby food were presented by the Executive Chef Evanthia Bonazounta and her team. The unique Fairy Melenia ClownDoctor and her team kept companionship with our little friends with her toys and magic tricks! Near to this pioneering event was the Representative of WACS, Chairman of International Chefs Day Commitee Mrs. Joanna Ochniak. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the TO PIROFANI OF PIRAEUS music restaurant for his sponsorship, Melenia ClownDoctor Fairy for her sponsorship, KITE HELLAS for the provision of equipment for creating a personal breast milk bank and baby food equipment, as well as the seminar speakers: Fani Pechlivani, Midwife – Vice President of the National Council of Greek Women – Vice-President of the Association of Breastfeeding Friends. Maria Kiourti, Midwife – President of SEMM – Trainer of Breastfeeing Trainers. Eleni Serpetini, Midwife – Free Professional. Erica Kokkosis, Midwife – NGO and Stella Legaki, Midwife- Amorgos Health Center.


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