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Partnership contract on Russian web content just signed in Moscow

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Russia, 04th October 2013

During the visit to Kremlin Culinary Cup that was held beginning of October in Moscow, Russia, WACS team once again made an important step towards strengthening the global network of chefs associations. Only few days ago, WACS President Gissur Gudmundsson and WACS General Manager Ragnar Fridriksson signed an official agreement with Victor Belaev, the President of the Russian Chefs Association, on the cooperation to build up the Worldchefs Russian web site that will be launched next year. In the light of obtaining a strong and successful professional relationship with its members and those to come, Worldchefs are determine to keep on enhancing culinary standards, providing assistance, contents of global importance adjusted to several world languages and finally to continue building up a powerful network of food professionals worldwide.  


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