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Global Chefs Challenge Semi-Final Pacific Rim serves up succes for Australian Chefs

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New Zealand, 04th August 2015

Worldchefs Global Chefs Challenge Results

Semi Final Pacific Rim Continental Competition


Global Chefs Challenge

Winner                               Mathew Weller, Australia

1st runner up                      Mark Sycamore, New Zealand

2nd Runner up                    Abhinesh Sharma, Fiji

Wild card winner                 Mark Sycamore, New Zealand


Hans Bueschkens Young Chefs Challenge

Winner                                 Chris Malone, Australia

1st Runner up                       William Mordido, New Zealand

2nd Runner up                      Jasmine Nadres, Guam


Global Pastry Chef Challenge

Winner                                Jenni Key, Australia

1st Runner up                      Bryan Bae, New Zealand


An Australian trio have taken out top honours in the International Pacific Rim Global Chefs competitions held in Auckland this weekend.

Chefs Matthew Weller, Jenni Key and Chris Malone bet competitors from New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu and Guam for the respective Global Chef, Global Pastry Chef and Hans Bueschkens Young Chef titles.

All three will be traveling to Greece in September 2016 to represent the Pacific Rim at the International WACS WorldChefs Congress. There they will compete against twenty teams from seven different regions for the world title.

Joining the Australians in Greece is Global Chef ‘Wild Card’ winner Mark Sycamore from New Zealand. The judges noted that the competition was incredibly tight between the Kiwi and the Australian, with only two points difference in their overall scores. Both chefs worked with consistent, even tempos throughout the three hour competition, showcasing a variety of different food preparation techniques and use of equipment. They both had detailed work plans and were well prepared. This showed through in their finished dishes.

However Chef Matthew Weller’s three course meal had the slight edge: He used three unique ways to highlight the key ingredient, halibut, in his appetizer. While the veal in his main course was cooked to perfection. He finished with an elegant dessert that included cleansing mandarin and passionfruit elements that balanced out the richness of the dark Valrhona chocolate.

Hans Bueschkens Young Chef winner, Chris Malone also impressed the judges, displaying a high level of skill in both the preparation and presentation of all his dishes.

Jenni Key won the six hour Global Pastry Competition with her fragile chocolate centrepiece based on Posidon Greek God of the sea; a challenging piece to construct in the open arena environment.

Gary Farrell, the Pacific Representative of the WorldChefs Culinary Competition Committee said the standard was incredibly high across all three events.  With the competition being “a fantastic opportunity for some of the smaller countries in the Pacific Rim, like Guam and Vanuatu, to showcase their chef’s skills”.

“We look forward to supporting their growth and involvement in future competitions” he said.

Gary also added that he was looking forward to seeing the Australian and New Zealand competitors cook in Greece. “New Zealand and Australia bring quite a different style of food to the WorldChefs Competition” he said “as both countries are influenced by such a wide range of cultures”.




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Communications Consultant

Vital Communications  

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Gary Farrell

Pacific Rim Representative

WorldChefs Culinary Competition Committee


Email: [email protected]

Pictures from the event here:


Global Chefs Challenge pics
Global Pastry Challenge pics
Hans Bueschkens Challenge pics




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