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First Worldchefs endorsed competition in Taiwan focuses on #knifeskills

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Taiwan, 22nd December 2015

The third edition of the “Atlantic Chef Cup Asian Young Chefs Knife Competition” and first-ever Worldchefs endorsed competition in Taiwan took place at the TransWorld University; Douliu City, Yulin County, Taiwan from November 6-7, 2015 with the attendance of Worldchefs Vice President Mr. John Sloane as honorary organizing chairman, Chef Willment Leung as Head Judge, and several Worldchefs approved judges from Hong Kong, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand.

The event was founded and organized by “Atlantic Chef”; a local business currently managed by Mr. James Chang with their passion to its core element of basic skills enhancement. With the responsibility of further nurturing young chefs, the event idea was born as to obtain and maintain the basic essence SKILLS and to create a platform for local Taiwan young chefs been able to compete in a WACS competition in Taiwan.

A forum session towards the attendance of over 100 young chefs was conducted on November 6, 2015 with a review of Worldchefs Competition Rules and Guidelines presented by Chef John Sloane whiles other invited judges shared their individual skills information, gave mentorship and motivation as well as highlights in latest trends in regards to culinary, educational and functional aspects.

There are 350 competitors registered for this competition, and are 239 competitors advanced to the final on November 7, 2015 to compete and showcase their skills in 5 major categories. Not only local Taiwan young chefs joined this competition but also competitors come from Hong Kong, Macau, and Thailand. Judges have witnessed that the skills of a knife was performed with illustration by individual’s accuracy, speed and precisions whiles young chefs conquer to the start of their career.

Having “good knife skills” is really just the sum of working on various techniques with your knives, and being comfortable and agile with those techniques. Rocking, slicing, chopping, push cutting, draw cuts, skinning, coring, filleting, de-boning, sculpturing, and katsuramuki technique were applied.

As to identify the learning domains of cognitive, psychomotor and effectiveness as key factors; the major element of individual was the unique personality as invited judges performed live-demonstrated during the competition in various categories and aspects. The partnering of judges saw live demonstration in knife skills in various fields to the much attended young chef’s audience. Highlights were the Ice Carving Artistic Art performed by TCA President Chef Jerry Chen and Chef Perry Yuen as well as a cooking demonstration shared by Worldchefs VP Chef John Sloane and WCWB Chef Willment Leung, to name a few.

The competition came to a close with the announcement of various winners in their respective categories and as well with the announcement of the “Best of the Best” overall winner in the 5 categories.

Through the partnership of Atlantic Chef and Taiwan Chefs Association (TCA) under the leadership of its president Chef Jerry Chen, and on behalf of Worldchefs VP Chef John Sloane; we would like to congratulate all young chefs’ competitors on their remarkable skills performance.

Special thanks to all sponsors, supporters and volunteers who have dedicated their effort and time in supporting this great event.


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