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Emerald Iced Tea

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Sri Lanka, 25th October 2016

A refreshing healthy iced tea made out of one of Dilmah’s Very Special Rare Teas – Park Estate Emerald Green Special OP. An exceptional high grown Ceylon Green Tea, light and bright in the cup, yet gentle in taste with herbal and pleasant fresh, grassy notes. A sophisticated tea that is mildly astringent with an attractive bouquet and lingering finish.



  • 200 ml Park Estate Emerald Green Special OP (chilled, 3 minute brew)
  • 40 ml Green Grape juice
  • 15 ml lavender honey
  • 5 ml lemon juice

Glass Type

  • Highball / Sling


  • Fill the glass completely with ice cubes
  • Add all ingredients and stir

Garnish with green grapes and a twisted lemon zest


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