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Discover here Alan Orreal's dream for the past seven years for Disney Shangai

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China, 13th March 2018

Alan Orreal's growing dream for the past seven
years to create a complete scholastic and practical training program in a
working operational kitchen environment that delivers measurable accountable
outcomes and delivers a globally recognized certification. Opening a resort of
this size in mainland China was always going to come with its own special set
of challenges not the least of which was going to be the standard of Culinary
training available. We recognized early on that we were going to need help so
we turned to WorldChefs and asked them how we can develop our training program
further to meet global standards and to be able to award our cast a globally
recognized certification? Needless to say WorldChefs were there to review our
programs and offered us practical advice on how we could improve our program
even further.

The Culinary is the Heart of the House at Shanghai
Disney Resort. With over 1003 cast members strong receiving food, managing the
massive inventory and logistics, preparing and producing meals for over 13
million guests annually, one can glean from this staggering statistic alone
that training is extremely important. 

Alan Orreal-Liang is the Culinary Director for the
entire white coat brigade at Shanghai Disney Resort and we spoke to him
concerning training for his Cooks and asked him about the partnership with
WorldChefs and the Global Culinary Certification program.

This partnership between Shanghai
Disney Resort and WorldChefs is a first in mainland China for any company and
will enable our Culinary cast for the first time to be awarded a Globally
Recognized Certification that will open doors for them throughout their
careers. It’s terribly humbling to have reached this point and to realize the
importance of what we have achieved together and what it will mean for all the
cooks to come through these kitchens for all the years to come. I am very
grateful to Worldchefs for their invaluable advice and vision, our incredible
talented team of Chefs who helped me drive this program forward and for
delivering it, our Disney partners who support us daily, my admin team for the
hundreds of hours of planning and work and the Disney leadership for allowing
us to Dream!

Walt Disney said,” All
our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” 
It is in this spirit that Shanghai Disney Resort has
set forth the foundation for our Culinary Training program. It is our vision
that our cast members will receive world class training opportunities to
prepare them well for a work environment that relentlessly pursues excellence
and innovation. Continuous sustained drive for creativity in menu creation
requires that our cast have solid foundational culinary skillsets and more to
deliver the highest quality dishes and products to our guests every day. With
this front of mind our extensive full time programs that are both classroom and
hands on delivered curriculum to levels within the Culinary from Interns,
Kitchen Assistants, Commis levels and up to Chef De Partie levels

“Global Certification is important
not just for our company it’s important for us all as I believe we must all
work to stem the tide of declining culinary skillsets worldwide if we are to
have a sustainable industry and maintain cross-cultural culinary standards.”

Alan Orreal-Liang

‘Worldchefs are delighted to be
working with Shanghai Disney on our global culinary certification. We are
particularly grateful to Chef Alan Orreal and his team for their vision and
commitment to developing this unique partnership. Commis Chef and Chef de
Partie trainees at the Shanghai Disney resort will now receive international recognition
from Worldchefs, through our global culinary certification, for the continuous
professional development opportunties which are offered as part of the Disney culinary
programme. We have been impressed by the quality of the training delivered at
the resort and hope that many companies around the world will follow the
example set by Disney for the development of new talent the industry
desperately needs. We are very excited about this special relationship which
marks a key milestone in shaping the future of the culinary profession.’

John Clancy – Worldchefs Education


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